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Please work with our Travel Faciliator, Alan Rigby,

to ensure your first trip expense report is done correctly.


Most Common Problems:

  • After your trip is over, within 30 days you need to submit your expense report within Concur.
  • ADSC (chartfield/account):
    • When you do your expense report, you MUST input the ADSC (chartfield/account) that needs to be charged. Concur defaults to the dept account (05470). If you don't change it, your expense report will not be approved.
    • The first time you use any specific account, you will need to fill in all the cells and save the request or submit when you are finished in order for the system to auto-populate the ADSC with the same chartfield the next time you use it.
    • Before you start your expense report, make sure you know the chartfields for all accounts (ADSC) that will be paying for your expenses. If you use the wrong account, it will require a process-intense cost transfer that can take up to 90 days.
    • Email the Department Accountant if you need help figuring out the chartfield or have any questions.


  • Search by activity or project
    • Input ORG:  00106 (GG)
    • Input Account Executive/PI
    • Change search by “Contains” – Enter last name of PI
    • If multiple PI’s show up, you can enter an additional filter (first name) in the search box

Accounting systems require a set of codes, generically known as a chart of accounts, which are used to record accounting transactions. These codes allow for organization and reporting of university funds. The University refers to these codes collectively as “The Chartfields.” Chartfields more specifically may refer to any of the following specific type of chartfield:

BU (Business Unit) (2 characters in length)

ORG (Organization) (5 characters in length)

FUND (Fund) (4 characters in length for BU 01 or 2 characters in length for BU 04)

ACTIVITY (Activity) (5 characters in length)

PROJECT (Project) (8 characters in length for Fund 5000 or 5 characters in length for Fund 70xx)

ACCOUNT (Account) (5 characters in length)

A/U (Allowable/Unallowable) (1 character in length)

Chartfields will contain an activity or project number not both. 


How To:


Special Instructions:

  • If U of U travelers share lodgings, they must each pay the vendor directly for their portion if at all possible; if not possible AND the travelers need to charge the lodgings to different accounts, work with Thea Hatfield in 383 FASB to do an eJournal transfer.
  • If the lodgings is an air bnb or such that does not bill by the room but rather is a full house rental, one traveler (ideally the Trip Leader, PI, or a Faculty Member) should pay for it all themselves and then submit for reimbursement for the full amount; they cannot collect reimbursement directly from the other travelers, who then request reimbursement from the U of U.

Students with Travel Grant Funding (either from University or off-campus funds that are being routed through the University): contact our Department Travel Facilitator (Alan Rigby) BEFORE you start your "Expense Report".

With a cash advance, you still need to submit an "Expense Report" in Concur and return all unspent funds NOT LATER THAN 30 DAYS after the end of your trip. If you do not finish the expense report and pay back within 30 days, the Dept Accountant will charge an Activity account of the PI's (Faculty Advisor).

  • Step 1: Unspent fund are to be paid back via a check made out to "University of Utah" and the trip number noted on the "Memo" line. Bring the check to Thea Hatfield in 383 FASB.
  • Step 2: The travler will need to create a Cash Advance Return expense type and submit the departmental deposit # in the comment line. 

  • If the vendor does not provide formal receipts, you may write/type one up. It must include the date and location of purchase, name of vendor, itemized list of expenses, method of payment, your name and signature, and the vendor's name and signature. If this is not possible, use the missing receipt form (see instructions below). 
  • If you are missing a receipts AND there is not a way to get a copy of the receipt, you may be reimbursed up to $25 by submitting a missing receipt form. The form must be completed and approved by the account supervisor (either PI/faculty advisor or Deptartment Chair) and then attach to the expense report in Concur. 

If you did NOT use Concur OR if your only expenses is mileage reimbursement AND your trip was under 100 miles and did not include an overnight stay, you may submit for reimbursement of mileage costs by using the Personal Vehicle Mileage Log. Find the Standard Mileage Rates for  reimbursement. Email the Log to Thea Hatfield  to along with the account to be charged AND a Google map showing the route taken (must show the same number of miles as listed on the mileage log).


  • Vehicle Accidents: In the case of an accident, the U of U Vehicle Accident Form should be completed. 
  • Domestic Travel Insurance (Optional): Travel protection is available for purchase to anyone participating in University of Utah sponsored and supervised travel within the U.S and its territories and possessions. This Domestic Travel Accident Insurance policy provides assistance and medical coverage if you become injured while traveling.

If you DID "Reserved a Trip" in Concur, you must either:

    • "Recall the Trip" within Concur if you (a) have no expenses and did not do a cash advance or (b) your only expenses are travel insureance and/or conference/seminar registration fee. 
    • OR Submit an "Expense Report" via Concur. Refer to Concur Expense Report (Note: This is for your convenience; this is not a document you submit.) Note: There is a fee associated with each time you submit an "Expense Report"; therefore, it is cheapest to submit only one "Expense Report" per trip, after the trip is over.


If you did NOT use Concur OR if your only expenses are travel insurance and/or conference/seminar registration fee, use the Non-Travel Reimbursement form.

Reimbursement checks will be mailed to directly to traveler. However, it is quickest to receive reimbursements via direct deposit set up for Accounts Payable prior to your trip. To set that up, complete AP-DD-AuthForm OR - IF you already have direct deposit set up for Payroll - complete Employee-DD-AuthForm . (Note: Direct deposit must be set up for Payroll and Accounts Payable separately.) Then bring the completed paperwork to Thea Hatfield in 383 FASB.


Last Updated: 10/4/22