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Room Scheduling


How to schedule a room 


1. Look at the schedule below (or follow the 6-step process below) to determine if the room is available at the desired time.

2. Email Thea Hatfield to submit your request.

3. Check back here to make sure your request was processed.  (Note: please allow 24-48 hours for your request to show on the calendar.)

How to view room availability

If the schedule does not pop up below, first - depending on your browser - you may have to refresh the page to populate the schedule. If that does not work, try a different browser. Or do the below easy 6-step process to find the calendar.

1. Go to Scheduling - Office of the Registrar - Office of the Registrar - The University of Utah

2. Click on the red box "Use the Astra Portal".

3. Log in via DUO.

4. Click on "Calendar" in the upper lefthand corner. Then click "Scheduling Grids".

5. In the center top of the page, type in "CMES" in the "Choose Calendar" box. 

6. On the left side, select the date you want and then look at the availability for the rooms.



You can filter the room list by clicking on the magnifying glass, search by building name.

View by day or week by clicking the corresponding button.


Last Updated: 8/11/22