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Guy F. Atkinson Distinguished Lecture Series


We are please to announce the lineup for our 2020-21 academic year Distinguished Lecture Series! Lectures are held on most Thursdays at 4:00 pm. They are free and open to the public. 

The University of  Utah is currently operating in a reduced capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, lectures will be done via Zoom:, password: FALLDLS.

As much as possible, we will also do a Facebook Live for each lecture.

Meet and Greet: Students, staff, and faculty are invited to join in a meet and greet with each DLS speaker. This is a great opportunity to informally chat with the guest speaker about their career and research. Meet and greets will be done via Zoom:, password: FALLDLS.  Due to varying speaker schedules, meet and greets will be held based on the speaker's availability; the day and time will be shared on FB, via emails, and in the table below.

Watch Previous Lectures: Check out our YouTube channel to watch past lectures (starting in 2019): U of U Geology and Geophysics YouTube Channel

Day Date Presenter Institution  Presentation Meet and Greet
TH 9/3 Zachary Ross Caltech "3D fault architecture controls the dynamism of earthquake swarms" n/a
TH 9/10 Mark Torres Rice University "Rivers flow not past, but through: a fluvial perspective on Earth's carbon cycle"  9/11 @ noon
TH 9/17 Shi (Joyce) Sim Georgia Tech "Melt Transport at Mid-Ocean Ridges" 9/18 @ noon
TH 9/24 Ellen Thomas Yale University "The Oceanic Carbon Cycle in a Greenhouse World:  Oceanic Export and Primary Productivity"

9/24 @ 3pm

TH 10/1 Enrique Merino Indiana University “Replacement reveals metasomatism dynamics that is hidden from geochemists: Two nonlinear, self-accelerating replacements, brucite-for-periclase in marbles and serpentinization of peridotites” 10/2 @ noon
TH 10/8 Kate Freeman Penn State  "Wildfires and Environmental Upheavals in the Cenozoic Era" 10/8 @ 3pm 
TH 10/15 Parvathy Prem Johns Hopkins University "The Origins and Transport of Water on the Moon" 10/16 @ noon
TH 10/22 Asmaa Boujibar Carnegie Science, Geophysics Laboratory "The origin of Mercury's large core, volatile content and heat production, insights from high pressure experiments and spacecraft data."  10/22 @ 3pm
TH 10/29 Jane Willenbring Stanford "Forged Signatures: Tectonic versus climatic control on mountain heights and shape"  10/29 @ 3pm
TH 11/5 Zack Spica University of Michigan  "Distributed Acoustic Sensing: a new playground for seismology" 11/5 @ 3pm
TH 11/12 Kayla Iacovino NASA Johnson Space Center  "What drives volcanic eruptions? Determining eruption triggers and magma sources with gas chemistry and thermodynamic modeling" 11/12 @ 3pm 
TH 11/19
Naomi E. Levin
Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Michigan

 Special Alumni Presenter as part of our 11/19 Virtual Alumni Social!

"Rare and overlooked, but mighty: developing 17O for the paleoclimate toolkit"

11/20 @ noon 
Last Updated: 11/11/20