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informaton for all

For the latest updates about the University response to the COVID-19 National Emergency, check the U Department of Public Safety's COVID-19 website, .


Your physical health, mental well-being, and education are our top priorities. We realize that with all the changes, you no doubt have concerns. Please know that we are doing everything we can to mitigate any negative impact these changes may have on you. If you need anything or have any concerns, please reach out to us.

For additional support and services, you can also reach out to the U of U Center for Student Wellness:,, or 801-581-7776.  Also, reach out to the U of U Food Pantry if you should need to:

Feeling Sick? Contact Student Health at 801-581-6431 to be assessed.

Student Counseling Center: The Student Counseling Center provides help and support via a variety of modalities including telemental health and by telephone.


We realize that this is a lot of change and a lot of cancellations. We are saddened by this reality, but know that it is the most prudent action we can take in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and, ultimately, safe lives of those among us who are most at-risk, including newborn babies, the elderly, the medically frail, and others who live with and/or are fighting various health conditions.

Once again, we humbly ask for your patience as we all work through this. And we want to reiterate that campus and our office will remain open and that we are happy to help with any concerns you might have.

High-Order of Business:

  • Ask for what you need.
  • Follow the chain of command. Minimize everyone getting stressed out. Start your requests with Shanna and she will shepherd them up the chain.

Lab Research: Researchers are encourgaed to limit operations in laboratorys.  Be mindful of sanitation and personnel needs.


  • Canvas: University and CMES administration are requiring that all faculty use Canvas (learning management) for instructional delivery. Canvas is fullyintegrated with Kaltura (video capture and storage)andConexED (two-way live video meetings)and is FERPA compliant. The use of Canvas will also ensure consistency of experience for all of our students.
    • For guidance on how to move your class into Canvas, visit the TLT website. Faculty members with questions not answered by the website can request support by emailing
  • Content-Specific Software: For those of you who teach IN the computer lab, UIT is currently working with CMES on a solution.  This will likley come in the form of VPN access. Please refer to emails coming from Alex Gribenko.
  • Skype for Business is free through the U’s software agreements. It does a good job for recording lecture and audio than can be used later.
  • Zoom works well for some live meetings (like this one; lab group meetings). (Zoom cheat-sheet:
  • Camtasia is a great resource for recording and editing lectures. Conversations are ongoing about acquiring a college license.
  • Considering combining a slide-deck with an audio file of your narration of the slides indicating to students when to advance slides. Generate a transcript to accompany the audio file (accessibility).
  • Class Fees are to be used to purchasing any needed technology, software, etc.

Useful Resources for Online Instruction:

Below are some helpful links for content and ideas about moving courses online. There is a lot of material out there. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Consider your key learning objectives for the remainder of the semester and focus on achieving those with the greatest ease for everyone.

Important considerations for your students (thank you Sarah L.):

Google Sheet of Existing Online Resource and Content, complied by Julie Libarkin at Michigan State University. This is being populated by the Geo education community on Twitter. It’s a treasure trove. Note there are many tabs at the bottom, including those for guest lectures, online labs, and Field trips.

A very useful resource: Flipped Classroom Master Resource List compiled by Dr. Cynthia Furse , U of U  Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering:

Accessible Teaching in the Time of COVID-19 (Aimi Hamraie):

 Going Online in a Hurry & Maintaining Continuity (Michelle Miller):

Last Updated: 4/29/21