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Department Administrative Committees

Current & Past Committee Assignments 

General role and responsibilities of Committee Chairs:

  • Ensure that all policies and procudures/SOPs of the Committee are current and enforced
  • Keep Committee's Ubox files and MS Team content are up-to-date
  • Present Committee reports at Faculty Meetings (schedule)
  • Mentor next Committee Chair

MS Team channel

Reviews and updates dept policies, procedures, and guidelines that are related to the work done by dept committees

Strategic planning, prioritizing, and distribution of resources; make a multi-year plan. Decision making about major dept purchases.

Document departmental (informal) p&p, facilitate needed updates of formal p&p (RPT, career line faculty)

Dept Chair, Dept Assoc Chair, Career-line Faculty Rep, Dept Manager, Ugrad Chair, Grad Chair

Makes sure needs of faculty as a whole are understood, heard, and addressed as appropriate. Aware of progress of each committee.

Make final teaching assignments (recieve options from Curriculum committee) Performance evaluations.
Explain salary raises according to performance.
Facilitate Faculty deliberation regarding distribution of overhead, space, staff and other resources.
Oversee mentoring efforts of junior faculty.

need a letter to faculty each summer (July 1) that describes teaching expecatations for that year; preceed that with a conversation with faculty about what their intention and availability for teaching that year

Lead by Chair: Pre-tenure faculty and assigned mentors meet each semester to discuss progress and any concerns.


Faculty Meetings: Assists with faculty meeting agenda setting and serves as moderator during faculty meetings.

P&P: With Department Manager, oversees upkeep of Department policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Assumes duties of Chair when needed.

Awards Honors Ubox

Oversee and encourage nominations for internal and external awards and honors. Help potential award nominees identify nominators.

Faculty rep from across research areas [hard rock, soft rock, water, and energy;]

One member serves on the College Teaching Awards Committee, which meets each spring semester to select the CMES Outstanding Faculty Teaching and Outstanding TA awards.

Curriculum Teaching Ubox

Oversee curricula in Department at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Implement and maintain outcomes assessment.
Update curricular changes in online and distributed materials
Maintain prerequisite enforcement in online system and distributed materials
Provide course schedule, including time of day to prevent conflicts.
Provide teaching assignment recommended schedule for the full next academic year before Spring Break) of preceding year. Rotate different faculty into core and lower division courses
Keep track of enrollment trends.

Chair: Individual not currently chairing other committee, other members: Academic Advisor, Ugrad Committee Chair, Grad Committee Chair, Geol. Eng. Chair, Earth Sci. Comp. Teach. rep., Associate Chair

Diversity Climate Ubox

• Pursue policy and practice changes that advance a diverse, equitable and inclusive community in the Geology and Geophysics Department
• Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion training opportunities for faculty, staff, and students
• Respond to student initiatives and suggestions to create a more inclusive climate in the department
• Increase the number and percentage of faculty, staff, and students from minoritized groups in geoscience in the department.

Member of CMES diversity committee, Advisor, member of Ugrad Committee, grad student rep, faculty who have recruitment initiatives (SLCC, etc), Dept Manager

DLS Ubox

DLS Speaker Roster Spreadsheet

DLS Student Lunch Signup

Organize a strategic line up for each year's Distinguished Lecture Series.

3 faculty member, Dept Manager, DLS Student Assistant, Student Rep (Grad)

Faculty Review Ubox

Coordinate annual reviews of faculty.

Ad Hoc RPT and PTR chairs, Dept Manager, Associate Chair

GeoEng Ubox


Matters related to accreditation, curriculum, advising, and assessment in Geological Engineering program. Provide input to Curriculum / Teaching committee concerning coordination of course offerings and teaching assignments. Attends College of Engineering ABET meetings. Prepares ABET accreditation report. Manages ABET documents and process.

All Geo Eng faculty


Graduate Affairs Ubox

To support the recruitment, retention, and successful completion of graduate students in the department; foster a sense of community in the department

Suggested Makeup:  Advisor, research faculty rep, 1 faculty rep from each research area [what are the areas? hard rock, soft rock, water, and energy OR geophysics, geological engineering, soft rock, environmental, hard rock;]

Outreach Ubox

To engage alumni and friends to support and share our mission. To attract and recruit students to our major and programs. To reach out to community to increase science literacy and awareness.

Suggested Makeup:  CMES Development, Dept Manager, Dept Advisor, CMES Communication, industry, alumni links

Research & Learning Tech Ubox

IT, computer labs, IT in classrooms, library (digitial resources), liaison with Library (e.g., electronic journals, digital resources for teaching and research); CHPC

Suggested Makeup:  CMES UIT rep, CMES IT Committee member


Research Facilities Safety Ubox

Garner Central Administration support where appropriate through CORE initiatives Ensure the Dept is a safe working and learning environment, and promote culture of safety; To oversee matters related to maintaining safety within laboratories. Includes Lab, field trips, driver certification, field camp issues. Coordination of laboratory and computational facilities (including recharge centers),

Support and coordinate Dept facilities

Suggested makeup:  Lab Managers, recharge center faculty reps, field camp instructor rep, student TBA by Committee Chair

Space & Collections Ubox

Interface with the UMNH to help curate research collections in a useful way

Maintain and curate teaching collections

Mantain the efficient use of space within the sutton building

Suggested makeup:  Curator, Outreach Committee chair, Staff

Undergraduate Affairs Ubox

Recruitment, retention, and successful completion of undergraduate degrees. Foster a sense of identity and community in the department. Help identify career pathways and placement.

Suggested Makeup:  Advisor, Field Camp Instructors, research faculty rep, faculty rep from each of the 5 majors (; need to be faculty who teach ugrads




Last Updated: 12/2/21