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Want to know what it is?  Here's how:

You've found a rock. Its big or maybe little, a strange color or weight.  What could it be?  A gem, fossil, meteorite or maybe just a chunk of iron slag?  We can help you with that. 

For rock identification you can:

Email your question to our Collections Curator including location and circumstances of find.  Also, please include several pictures of the item including a clear close up and one with a ruler for scale (see in the pictures to the left). 

Think it might be a meteorite?

Check out the Utah Geological Survey's Guide to Meteorite Identification  to help answer some of your basic questions about whether or not you've found a meteorite before you contact us. Unfortunately, the odds of finding a meteorite are quite small and one of the most common misidentified materials mistaken for a meteorite is slag.  If you still think it's a meteorite, feel free to contact us with some pictures.

You may also want to check out a few websites that belong to the experts - 

Washington University,

Arizona State University,

Utah Geological Survey, Meteorite or Meteorwrong


Last Updated: 11/26/19