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Guy F. Atkinson Distinguished Lecture Series



Frederick Albert Sutton Building

115 South 1460 East Room 295 

Salt Lake City, UT



Unless noted below, all lectures are held on Thursdays at 4:00 pm in 295 FASB with a meet the speaker at 3:30 pm in 2nd floor Confluence lobby. 

Day Date Presenter  Presentation
TH 1/16 FY20 Incoming Department Graduate Students GeoSlam
TH 1/23

Mark Schmitz

Professor, Boise State University

Bringing Deep Time into Focus: New developments in high-precision geochronology and their impact across Earth Sciences

TH 1/30

Alexis Ault

Assistant Professor, Utah State University

Nanoscale Textural And Thermochronometric Evidence Of Paleoearthquakes In The Wasatch Fault Zone
TH 2/6

Justin Filiberto

Senior Staff Scientist, Lunar Planetary Institute

Constraints On The Martian Volatile Budget
TH 2/13

Carlos Santana

Assistant Professor, U of U/Philosophy

Whose Anthropocene?: What Linguistics Tells Us About The Prospects For Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration On Defining The Anthropocene
TH 2/20

Jani Radebaugh

Professor, BYU

The Surface Of Saturn’s Moon Titan From The Cassini And Dragonfly Missions
TH 2/27

Adolph Yonkee

Professor, Weber State University

Structural Geology And Paleomag In The Andes
TH 3/5

Tim van Peer

Research Fellow, University of Southampton 

TH 3/12 N/A Spring Break - No DLS
TH 3/19

Jamie Farrell

Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah Siesmograph Stations

An Update On The Yellowstone Volcanic System And Its World Famous Hydrothermal Features
TH 3/26

Tiffany Rivera

Assistant Professor, Westminster College

Pleistocene Rhyolite In Mineral Mountains
TH 4/2

Emily Kleber

Hazards Geologist, Utah Geological Survey

Utah Seismic Hazard
TH 4/9

Enrique Merino

Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

Dynamics Of Metasomatic Transformations – Dolomitization, Serpentinization, Weathering, And Terra Rossa Genesis
TH 4/16

Harley Benz

Chief Earthquake Scientist, USGS

FY20 UU GG Outstanding Alumni Of The Year



Last Updated: 1/9/20