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Guy F. Atkinson Distinguished Lecture Series



Frederick Albert Sutton Building

115 South 1460 East Room 295 

Salt Lake City, UT



Unless noted below, all lectures are held on Thursdays at 4:00 pm in 295 FASB with a meet the speaker at 3:30 pm in 2nd floor Confluence lobby. 

Day Date Presenter  Presentation
TH 8/22 U of U Department of Geology and Geophysics Faculty Faculty Introductions
TH 8/29 U of U Department of Geology and Geophysics Faculty Faculty Introductions
TH 9/5

Dr. John Howell

University of Aberdeen

The Virtual Geoscience Revolution: Field Geology in the 21st Century
TH 9/12

Dr. Tony Dore

EGI Chief Global Scientist & Senior Advisor to the Director

Interior Basins –
Tectonic Controls and Petroleum Systems

TH 9/19

Dr. William Brazelton

University of Utah Department of Biology

Rock-Powered Life on the Seafloor
TH 9/26

Dr. Philipp P Ruprecht

Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno


Crystal spectators keeping score of magmatic events: The competition of crystal growth and diffusion.

TH 10/3 Dr. Zach Ross The Structural Architecture of Fault Zones and its Role in Earthquake Physics 
TH 10/17

Dr. Kendra Murray

Idaho State University

Oligocene Magmatism: A Key to the Dramatic Landscapes of the Central Colorado Plateau
TH 10/24

Dr. Pete Lippert

University of Utah Department of Geology and Geophysics Assistant Professor


 What can magnetic biomarkers in a Northwest Atlantic sediment drift tell us about the Eocene-Oligocene Transition?”

TH 10/31

Dr. Adrian Harpold


“”How will changing snow change streamflow? Implications for Mountain Water Management and Downstream Water Security.
TH 11/7

Dr. Alisha Clark

University of Colorado

TH 11/14

Dr. Brenda Bowen

University of Utah Department of Geology and Geophysics Associate Professor and Office of Global Change and Sustainability Center Director


Extreme Environments as Planetary Analogs:

Global Examples of Processes, Preservation, and the Links to Sustainability

TH 11/21

Dr. Kent Condie

NM Tech

 When Did Plate Tectonics begin on Planet Earth? Two Transitions in the Last 4 Gyr
TH 12/5

Dr. Kate Maher

Associate Professor of Earth System Science, Stanford


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