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Particle Light Scattering Size and Surface Charge RECHARGE CENTER

W.P. Johnson Director, Christopher Anderson Technical Director

Department of Geology & Geophysics


Light scattering analysis of particles in suspension to ascertain their size and surface charge characteristics.

5 mm to 7 mm diameter

  1. Dynamic image analysis (QicPic)
  2. Laser Diffraction (Helos)

1 nm to 50 mm diameter:

  1. Electrophoretic laser light scattering instrument (Mobius)
  2. Dynamic laser light scattering instrument (NanoStar DLS)
  3. Multi angle laser light scattering instrument (Helios MALS)
  4. Flow Field Flow Fractometer (FlFFF)

To schedule analyses or instrument time, contact Professor W.P. Johnson (, 801-664-8289).  Please attach a signed user agreement as well requested dates to facilitate scheduling on the instrument use calendar.








Last Updated: 6/11/20