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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Scholarship Form (Regular Academic & Field Camp Scholarship)

A majority of undergraduate majors in the Department of Geology & Geophysics receive some level of financial aid. Departmental scholarships to undergraduate Geoscience, Geological Engineering and Earth Science Composite Teaching majors generally are awarded once a year and are announced at the department’s Spring Awards Luncheon prior to the start of the academic year in which the scholarships will become effective. Scholarship monetary awards will be credited directly to the recipient’s tuition bill by the University Scholarship Office. To be considered for a departmental scholarship, please submit the scholarship application form to the department office by February 1. Only one application is necessary for both regular scholarship funding and Field Geology (GEO 4510/4520). Check all that apply on the application.

To encourage student use of Department laboratory facilities, the department makes small research grants (normally $200 to $500 but up to $1000 for well-justified cases) for both graduate and undergraduate students. In the case of undergraduate students, a proposal should be submitted concurrently with a UROP proposal. The funds can be used in any Department laboratory that is supported by a recharge center, including (1) Thin Section/Rock Preparation Lab, (2) Microprobe, (3) QEMSCAN, (4) ICP-MS, (5) Geochemistry, (6) XRD, (7) Dissolved Gas, and (8) Particle size and surface charge laboratory. Funds may also be used in the SIRFER (stable isotope) lab if fees for the work return to GG rather than staying in the biology department. Decisions about awards will be made primarily based on the scientific merit of the proposed research. However, preference will be given to projects (a) for which there are matching funds from other sources, and/or (b) which may lead to future external funding in the department.

  • Funds must be used for analyses or products from one of the Department’s recharge centers.
  • Funds may not be used for travel, stipends, hourly wages, or tuition.
  • Awardees must provide a 1-page summary of their activities within 1 year of receiving funds.
  • Graduate awardees must have a complete graduate committee in place, and their supervisor must endorse the application for funds. Undergraduates must have the support of a faculty advisor for a senior thesis project.
  • Only one award per student per year. An unsuccessful fall application can be resubmitted in the spring. Successful applicants may submit a new application the following year but preference will be given to applicants that have not previously received an award.

  • Please submit a 1-page (maximum) proposal describing the proposed project or activity. Include the general objectives or hypotheses, general methods and expected outcomes. Please indicate how the requested services will enhance your project’s objectives.
  • Please submit a budget showing the specific services that will be utilized. For cost information, see the laboratory managers.
  • Your supervisor must submit a brief letter of support on your behalf by the deadline. This letter should address whether (a) the advisor is sharing the cost of the proposed lab work from external funds, and (b) whether the proposed work is expected to lead to new external funding in the department.

Spring timeline

Deadline: April 15th

Decision: May 1st

Funds available: May 1st

Fall timeline

Deadline: November 15th

Decision: December 1st

Funds available: December 1st

Proposal should be submitted by e-mail to the Department Chair (Thure Cerling; An ad hoc faculty committee will make funding decisions.

Want to expand your educational and research experience? Former students of Professor Chapman have established the David S. Chapman and Inga M. Chapman Fund to support educational and research opportunities beyond those possible through normal resources.  Educational opportunities for students supported by this fund may include research visits to collaborative labs, attendance at focused workshops and conferences, opportunities that broaden a student’s international experience, and opportunities to participate in major endeavors such as collaborative field studies and research cruises.

Graduate and undergraduate students majoring in Geology and Geophysics.

Applications will be received normally two times a year, on September 15 and February 15. Special opportunities that require a rapid response will be entertained outside of this schedule.

Applications in pdf format should be made to the department chair, and should include:

1. Title of the project/opportunity and name of person applying.

2. A one-page description that includes

  • The planned activity/opportunity
  • How the activity fits into the applicant’s studies and/or research, and
  • Likely impact of the opportunity on the applicant’s studies/career.

3. A budget.

4. Signature of a sponsoring faculty member on the proposal indicating support.

5. A two-page CV (NSF style).

Award levels of approximately $1,000 can be expected, or more in special circumstances. Contributing or matching funds from other sources are not required but will be considered a positive aspect of an application.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides undergraduate students and faculty members the opportunity to work together on research or creative projects.

UROP provides assistantships up to $1200 for any first-time UROP student who assists with a faculty member's research or creative project, or who carries out a project of her/his own under the supervision of a faculty member.

Students may apply for a UROP assistantship for any semester (summer included), and are eligible to apply for a one semester renewal of their assistantship. Renewals for any semester may be funded up to $1200.

For more information please refer to the UROP website.

Applications for Graduate Student Travel Assistance are invited from currently enrolled University of Utah graduate students whose research or creative projects have been accepted for presentation at professional meetings. This assistance is contingent upon the applicant presenting at the meeting. Applications must be received in The Graduate School prior to travel dates. Requests are considered up to a maximum of $400 and must be supported with a dollar-for-dollar match from university funds. Matching support must be from university funding sources, e.g., development, operation, service, research, etc. One award only will be made during each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) to any graduate student.

For more information on the application processes please refer to the Graduate School website.


Last Updated: 3/17/22