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Rental Rates

The GG fleet consists of five 8-passenger Suburban 4 wheel drive vehicles, Toyota Tundra Extended Crew Cab.  These vehicles are available to students and faculty within the Department of Geology & Geophysics for class and research purposes.  Depending on the use, the rental rates are as follows and do not depend on the type of vehicle you request. The fees must be paid with a University account that is defined at the time of the reservation -
  • Research Use - $0.65 per mile
  • Class Use - $52.00 per day, $0.30 per mile



All drivers of out vehicles must be certified to drive State vehicles which requires one small step beyond having a driver's license.  You must complete a defensive driving course published by the State of Utah, the course can be found at this link,

Once the training is completed, you will need to upload your certificate and a photo of your Driver's License. To upload both images, please fill out all of the information on this page. 


Out of State Travel with Department Vehicles

If you will be traveling  across state lines with one of our vehicles, you will have to fill out this form and have it signed by the Department Chair.  Please then return the form to Wil Mace who will then submit it to risk management.  Approval from risk management must be completed 3-5 days prior to the trip, so the sooner this form is completed, the better and it is required for insurance purposes, without approval, insurance coverage may not be extended across state lines.


Reservation Process

Reserving a vehicle is quite simple.  Fill out the following form and someone from the office will be in contact with you within a couple days about your  request.  You will need to know the account number for which to charge the rental rate, if  you don't know the number you can provide a description of the account.  Ready to proceed? click here or fill out the form below.



Fueling with WEX gas card

Fuleing with the State gas card is quite simple.  You can fuel at any gas station that is a part of the  WEX network.  This includes the majority of gas stations in Utah and the surrounding states.  For a detailed list of stations click on this link to visit the WEX location finder.
This card can also be used at the pumps located outside fleet services on South Campus Drive.

To use the card:

  1. Insert the card into the credit card slot as you would fueling your own car.
  2. A prompt will come up on screen asking for the current ODO of the vehicle.  Enter the current reading and press enter.
  3. The next prompt will ask for the Driver ID.  This pin is your personal pin issued by fleet services.
  4. This should be it, you should now be asked to lift the nozzle and select the grade of fuel.



If you have any questions please e-mail or contact the the department at (801) 581-7062.

Vehicle Use Calendar

Last Updated: 9/28/23