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Busy as a Beaver: Utah Forge

Deep in the heart of this rocky area in the western United States, FORGE researchers, scientists, and other professionals are working hard to advance enhanced geothermal systems (EGS)

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Sizing up Courthouse Crack

Recently, PhD student Erin Jensen used seismic resonance measurements to characterize the Courthouse Crack

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Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats Has Long Been in Flux

It has been long assumed that Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats was formed as its ancient namesake lake dried up 13,000 years ago. But new research from the University of Utah has gutted that narrative.

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New Tyrannosaurus Species

Subtle differences from Tyrannosaurus rex observed in the skull merit recognizing the dinosaur as a separate species called Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis that lived several million years before T. rex

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At Work: HyeJeong Kim

“Ocean bottom seismometers are a challenge we have to continue to figure out,” said Kim.

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Young Basalt in drill cores from the island of Surtsey, Iceland

"Surtsey is a young oceanic island that grew from the seafloor during 1963–1967" Jackson et al.

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Magma Found Beneath Volcano-Less Country

UofU student Santiago Rabade pored over subtle signals picked up by the dense seismometer network set up in February of 2019.

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Podcast: Can We Bury Modern CO₂ in Utah's Ancient Sand?

It turns out that Utah has some high potential to become a reservoir for captured CO₂, according to UofU Post-Doc Liz Mahon.

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New NSF-Funded Initiative for Regional Climate Solutions

University of Utah will be part of a multi-institutional enterprise to confront the climate challenges facing the desert Southwest.

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Margaret Call: Pathfinder

“My ultimate ambition, at the moment, is to become some form of researcher,” - Margaret

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Frank Press Public Service Award

"Benz is recognized for his work leading to profound improvements in how earthquake science is communicated to students, the media and decision makers."

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Podcast: Measuring CO2 Levels Over the Past 66 Million Years

Cool Science Radio

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Mutton, an Indigenous Wooly Dog

most exciting projects in my career as an archeologist and an isotopes expert ”- Chris Stantis

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Remembering Alan Rigby

January 22, 1969 - January 2, 2024

In Memoriam

Randall Irmis: Fulbright Award

"Irmis is extensively experienced for someone who is in the early stages of his professional career"

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Bones of the Earth

“There’s always been this idea that my family has a relationship with the bones of the Earth,”  Kevin Mendoza.

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Brenda Bowen: New chair of ATMOS department

"Brenda is a dynamic leader on campus who has a collaborative vision of academics and research"

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Roseblatt Prize: Thure Cerling

“Thure Cerling never met an isotope he didn’t like!”

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Remembering Hellmut Doelling

"Highlights include the publication of more than 200 books, maps, and articles"

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Marta Weeks

Remembering Marta Weeks

“I give ... to honor my father, my husband and my father-in-law." ~Marta Weeks

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Gabe Bowen

Isotopes: Science's Common Currency

Gabriel Bowen’s research into isotopes extends into a variety of critical research paths

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A Fossil's Journey to Harvard

For a long while, ill-gotten Cambrian fossils were part of a case involving the BLM.

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meteorite in snow

Meteorite hunting in Antarctica

Leading the hunt for meteorites in Antarctica is Research Associate Professor of Geology and Geophysics, Jim Karner.

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Anke Friedrich receiving award

Anke Friedrich inducted into Crimson Club Hall of Fame

Geologist and skier Anke Friedrich inducted in the Crimson Club Hall of Fame.

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Estudiante mexicano se destaca en doctorado en Geofísica en la Universidad de Utah

Santiago Emilio Rabade Garcia, a fifth-year Geophysics PhD student, is interviewed by Telemundo Utah.

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Remembering David Chapman

August 31, 1942 - March 10, 2023

In Memoriam


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