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Geology & Geophysics

the geology & geophysics program

The Geology and Geophysics program at the University of Utah is ranked within the top 50 Earth Science programs in the United States (US News & World Report, 2014). The faculty of the Department of Geology and Geophysics includes 24 regular (tenure-track) professors, 11 research professors, and 11 emeritus professors with specialties spanning the entire spectrum of the earth sciences. Women comprise about 33% of the Faculty and 48% of the students in the Department. The Department has 99 undergraduates. There are 41 students in the Masters Program and 37 students in the PhD program. Students routinely serve on departmental committees and participate in the governance of the Department. Our professors are widely recognized for excellence in teaching and are at the forefront of their research fields. Close association between students and faculty is encouraged and enhances instructional and research activities.


Utah is one of the very few locations in the world that has rocks of every geologic period exposed, extending our state’s history back beyond two billion years into the past. Every major rock type, fossil group, precious metal, economic metal, fossil field, and type of geologic structure and landform can be found within the state.

Geoscience applies the principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology to understand the composition, structure, and history of the Earth and the processes that govern it. Geoscientists use this knowledge to address societal needs and problems, such as locating and characterizing mineral, energy, and groundwater resources, assessing seismic and other geologic hazards, and evaluating and remediating environmental contamination.

Arches in Utah

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