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Majors in Geoscience, Geological Engineering,

& Earth Science Teaching


Most college students don't even consider geology, but they're missing out on the whole planet! Check out this article in Wired magazine.

Geoscientists study and work with minerals, soil, agriculture, energy resources, fossils, oceans and freshwater, the atmosphere, weather, the environment, natural hazards, and space exploration.


Jobs in geology are found in government agencies, private companies, and non-profit and academic institutions. Government agencies hire geologists to investigate, plan and evaluate excavations, construction sites, natural disaster preparedness, and natural resources. Private companies hire geologists to help locate natural resources (minerals, oil and natural gas), evaluate environmental impact and comply with government regulations, among many other tasks. Geologists who prefer an academic career usually work, either as educators, researchers or both, in middle or high schools, colleges, universities and museums. (Source:


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Why study at the U?

Utah is one of the very few states that can boast of having rocks of every geologic period exposed, extending our state’s history back beyond two billion years into the past.  Every major rock type, fossil group, precious metal, economic metal, fossil fuel, and type of geologic structure and landform can be found in our state.  Our five national parks and seven national monuments attract more than three million visitors per year to enjoy and appreciate the world-class geology in our state.

The University of Utah and the Department of Geology & Geophysics offer outstanding opportunities for an excellent scientific education, and the State of Utah offers an exceptional quality of outdoor life with its abundance of mountains, rivers and lakes.  Skiing is as close as a thirty-minute drive from campus.

An afternoon or weekend hike or rock climb is just moments away.  You can be on your way to kayaking in no time.  The geologic and scenic diversity ranges from our beautiful Rocky Mountains to the spectacular red rocks of Utah’s canyon country to the stark desert landscapes of the Great Basin.

In addition to the formal course work required for a degree, there are numerous other opportunities for students to become involved in pre-professional and social activities in the department.  GEO Club is an important departmental committee that is organized to provide student input to the faculty in matters of new faculty appointments and tenure and promotion deliberations.  GEO Club also participates with other student groups in organizing various social events on and off campus throughout the school year.  Several professional geoscience organizations have very active student chapters in our department, including the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG) and Society of Economic Geologists (SEG).  These student chapters offer some great experiences for undergraduates, such as interesting guest speakers, exciting field trips, and fun social activities of one sort or another.  Undergraduate research opportunities on campus and pre-professional internships off campus are available to interested students, usually in the junior or senior year.  If you wish to learn more about such opportunities, speak with your faculty mentor/advisor.

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Last Updated: 1/13/23