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Majors in Geoscience, Geological Engineering,

& Earth Science Teaching


Most college students don't even consider geology, but they're missing out on the whole planet! Check out this article in Wired magazine.

Geoscientists study and work with minerals, soil, agriculture, energy resources, fossils, oceans and freshwater, the atmosphere, weather, the environment, natural hazards, and space exploration.


Jobs in geology are found in government agencies, private companies, and non-profit and academic institutions. Government agencies hire geologists to investigate, plan and evaluate excavations, construction sites, natural disaster preparedness, and natural resources. Private companies hire geologists to help locate natural resources (minerals, oil and natural gas), evaluate environmental impact and comply with government regulations, among many other tasks. Geologists who prefer an academic career usually work, either as educators, researchers or both, in middle or high schools, colleges, universities and museums. (Source:


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Last Updated: 11/10/23