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Oh The Places Geo's Go!

If you are a first-time traveler in Concur or you travel only a couple times per year, please work with our Travel Faciliator, Alan Rigby, to ensure your trip request and expense reports are done correctly.


What is Travel?

When it comes to traveling as part of University business, research, and education, it is important to understand what qualifies as "travel" versus a "trip".
  • "Travel” is defined as anything that is over 100 miles roundtrip (even if it is all done in 1 day) from the U of U main campus OR  involves an overnight stay (even if it is at a hotel in SLC). 
  • "Trips" are fieldtrips, field work, and other short trips that are completed within 1 day and are less than 100 miles away from the U of U main campus. 

Who is the Traveler?

Another important factor is who the traveler is. There are different procedures for U of U employees (faculty, staff and all graduate students) versus non-employees (guests, undergraduate students, and adjunct, emeritus, and retired faculty). 

  • By default, adjunct, emeritus, and retired faculty follow the "non-employee" procedures, UNLESS they regularly travel on University business and/or funds. In such cases, they should set up a Concur Traveler Profile (see below).


How to Request a Trip

Going somewhere? Requesting a trip before you leave can help you get reimbursed for your trip epenses or assist you in case of an emergency. To learn more, click on the traveler type that best fits you below. 


Financial Details

Last Updated: 8/11/22