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Welcome to the university of utah's

department of geology and geophysics

Welcome to the department of geology & geophysics

As Geoscientists, we apply the principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology to understand the composition, structure, and history of the Earth and the processes that govern it. Our students use this knowledge to address societal needs and problems, such as locating and characterizing mineral, energy, and groundwater resources, assessing seismic and other geologic hazards, and evaluating and remediating environmental contamination.



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Students at table

Pete Lippert

What do cycling and rocks have to do with each other?

University of Utah geologists Peter Lippert and Sean Hutchings are helping bring attention to the hidden star of a major sporting event this summer.

savanah carp

From volunteer to co-author: One U student’s dinosaur journey.

Savhannah Carpenter’s route to being the only student listed on the research team credited with finding the world’s newest horned dinosaur didn’t follow a straight line.


Loki’s horned dinosaur wielded a pair of giant blades.

A remarkable, new species of horned, plant-eating dinosaur is being unveiled at the Natural History Museum of Utah.

Keith Koper

As the ball turns: Earth’s inner core is ‘backtracking’.

Using seismic data to measure changes in solid core's motion, geologists discover it now turns more slowly relative to surface of Earth.

Last Updated: 7/16/24