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Everyone in our Department is outstanding, but here are a few highlights...

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Check out videos of our past winners here.

2021: Courtney Wagner

2020: Sin-Mei Wu

2021: Otto Lang

2020: Cheng Tarng

2021: Dr. Kip Solomon

2020: Dr. John Bartley

2021: Dr. Brenda Bowen

2020: Dr. Kathleen Ritterbush

2021: Kevin Mendoza

2020: Catherine "Kaite" Valery

2021: Jenny Hambleton & Jory Lerback

2020: Paul Geimer & Amy Record

2021: Daniel Burt

2020: Haley Lind

2021: Emily Larson

2020: Baylee Olds

2021: Justin Krier

2020: Avery Conner

2021: Andrew Stropkaie

2020:Cash Stallings

2021: Abby Condon

2020: Mitchell Poen


2021: Justin Krier, Samantha Bagge, & Savhannah Carpenter

2020: Mark Radwin & Sarah Hamilton

2021: Justin Krier

2020: Andrew Stropkai


The Earthies 

Does someone lick their sample, do fieldwork under near-death conditions, ask the best questions, or is always helping?  

Earthies are our way of recognizing the most beloved quirks within our Geology & Geophysics family.

Annie Matzke

Emma Morris

Kevin Mendoza

Sam "oops! a little mercury never hurt anyone" Lopez

Mark Lowen

Jory "I can do anything" Lerback

Gabe "I have a grant for that" Bowen

Francesca "I play with teeth" Spencer

Logan "I Think it's Solid" Jamison

Shanna "resouceful, prepared, and graceful" Futral

Otto Lang


Casey "Can You Taste the Mineral Notes?" Duncan

Dr. Gabe Bowen

Ellen Reat

Wil "I Know a Guy With A Front End Loader" Mace

Sarah "1/2 Of the Brain" Cronin

Haley "Other 1/2 Of The Brain" Lind

Jacob "Wait! There's Dolomite in Here?" Real

 Dr. David "Most Likely To Get A Modeling Contract With Carhart:” Dinter

Logan "I Think it's Solid" Jamison

Cheng Tarng

Shanna "Banana" Futral

Otto "I'm Studying the Crystal Properties of Snow" Lang


Geology & Geophysics Gemstone Awards

The operations within our Department would not be possible without the passion and dedication of the many devoted staff membersm, our Gemstones. Thank you!

CMES Custodians 

  • Kory Valdez
  • Clinton Crook
  • Tawn Sawyer
  • Josh Gustin
  • Mark Thornquist
  • Brett Holman
  • Angie Hoffman
  • Art Diamond

Geology & Geophysics Staff

  • Shanna Futral - Department Administrative Manager
  • Thea Hatfield - Administrative Assistant
  • Michelle Tuitupou - Brdge Advisor
  • Kayleigh Kirkpatrick - Student AA
  • Paul Eubanks - Student AA
  • Sagarika Banerjee - Sr. Laboratory Specialist
  • Chris Anderson - Sr. Laboratory Specialist
  • Quintin Sahratian - Curator
  • Brad Munk - Lab Technitian
  • Alan Rigby - Research Manager
  • Wil Mace  - Research Manager
  • Cindi Meier - Seismo Administrative Coodinator

CMES Deans Office Staff

  • Darryl Butt - Dean
  • TJ McMullin - CMES Development Director
  • Terrie Parker - CMES Administrative Manager
  • Jessie Pugh - CMES Grant Dev Specialist
  • Anita Tromp - CMES Executive Assistant
  • Lorie Burningham - CMES Executive Secretary
  • Gordon Kafton - CMES Computer Admin
  • LeAnna Mower - CMES Accounting Specialist
  • Robert Byrnes - CMES Facilities Manager
  • Nick Bolerjack - CMES Communications Coordinator
Last Updated: 7/19/21