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2020 Geology and Geophysics End of year celbration


Outstanding people in

Geology & Geophysics 



Sin-Mei Wu

Cheng Tarng

Dr. John Bartley

Dr. Kathleen Ritterbush

 Catherine "Katie" Valery

  •  Paul Geimer
  • Amy Record

Haley Lind

Baylee Olds

Avery Conner

Cash Stallings

Mitchell Poen

  • Mark Radwin
  • Sarah Hamilton

Andrew Stropkai

The Earthies 

Does someone lick their sample, do fieldwork under near-death conditions, ask the best questions, or is always helping?  Earthies are our way of recognizing the most beloved quirks within our Geology & Geophysics Family.

Casey "Can You Taste the Mineral Notes?" Duncan

Dr. Gabe Bowen

Ellen Reat

Wil "I Know a Guy With A Front End Loader" Mace

Sarah "1/2 Of the Brain" Cronin

Haley "Other 1/2 Of The Brain" Lind

Jacob "Wait! There's Dolomite in Here?" Real

 Dr. David "Most Likely To Get A Modeling Contract With Carhart:” Dinter

Logan "I Think it's Solid" Jamison

Cheng Tarng

Shanna "Banana" Futral

Otto "I'm Studying the Crystal Properties of Snow" Lang

Geology & Geophysics Gemstone Awards


The operations within the Department of Geology and Geophysics would not be possible without the passion and dedication of the many devoted staff members; our Gemstones.


CMES custodians

  • Kory Valdez
  • Bruce Westerman
  • Clinton Crook
  • Tawn Sawyer
  • Josh Gustin
  • Mark Thornquist
  • Brett Holman
  • Jesse Kerr

Geology and Geophysics Staff

  • Shanna Futral - Department Administrative Manager
  • Thea Hatfield - Administrative Assistant
  • Steve Rondina - Accountant
  • Michelle Tuitupou - Brdge Advisor
  • Kayleigh Kirkpatrick - Student AA
  • Paul Eubanks - Student AA
  • Sagarika Banerjee - Sr. Laboratory Specialist
  • Chris Anderson - Sr. Laboratory Specialist
  • Quintin Sahratian - Curator
  • Brad Munk - Lab Technitian
  • Eric Mershel - Lab Technitian
  • Alan Rigby - Research Manager
  • Wil Mace  - Research Manager
  • Alexis Sims - SPATIAL Program Coordinator
  • Cindi Meier - Seismo Administrative Coodinator

CMES Deans Office Staff

  • Darryl Butt - Dean
  • Samantha Davis - CMES Student Services Director
  • Laura Meyers - CMES outreach coordinator
  • TJ McMullin - CMES Development Director
  • Terrie Parker - CMES Administrative Manager
  • Jessie Pugh - CMES Grant Dev Specialist
  • Anita Tromp - CMES Executive Assistant
  • Lorie Burningham - CMES Executive Secretary
  • Connie Gorton - CMES Executive Secretary
  • Cooper Cazedesseus - CMES Compuer Admin
  • Gordon Kafton - CMES Computer Admin
  • LeAnna Mower - CMES Accounting Specialist
  • Robert Byrnes - CMES Facilities Manager
  • Tisha Griswold-Koffi - CMES Diversity Specilaist
Last Updated: 4/29/21