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Gaining room or building access with your Ucard

Verifying Access Ability

To get access to spaces that are secured  with a proximity card reader the first thing you will need is a modern Ucard.  Most Ucards are equipped with a proximity chip, but if you are unsure you can verify this by looking at the back of your card and finding a printed number (printed above the magnetic strip) that begins with 2+.  If your card has this number it will work with the access points.

Requesting Access

It is possible to request access (with your UNID card) to the exterior building doors, computer labs, or other spaces given that there is a valid reason for the request.  Simply fill out the form below and we will follow up with you within a day or two.  

Want keys? If so, skip to the next section for instructions


  • Please comply with all relevant University of Utah policies and procedures   
  • No food or drink allowed in the Computer Labs
  • Do not prop exterior doors open or let anyone else into the buildings.  Understand that doing so will subject you to disciplinary actions by either the Department Chair or the College Dean
  • Understand that there are cameras in common areas throughout the building.  There are times where this video is recorded and used for security purposes.
  • Do not enter any research laboratory unless I have completed laboratory training from relevant lab manager or PI.   
  • Access to secure spaces is a privilege, please be respectful of others.  If it is found that rules are being ignored, access can be removed as easily as it is given.

Obtaining Keys to offices or labs

If you find yourself needing a key to an office or lab you will have to fill out a key request form.  The form will have to be approved by the department approver or the PI over the lab.  Once the form is filled out, it should be sent to Thea Hatfield for processing.

Key requests are submitted to the key shop through the Dean's office.  This is not an overnight process nor is it a solution for needing infrequent access to a space.  Requests are usually filled within a week to ten days.  If you need one-off access to a room you should either contact the PI or lab manager and arrange access or contact the main office and with PI approval we can let you in.

Last Updated: 9/28/23