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GG - Purchasing Process


Ushop is a tool provided by the University purchasing department.  Whenever possible, ushop should be used because it streamlines the purchasing process and ultimately the work flow for the department staff.

If you will be making regular purchasing requests of chemicals, lab supplies, or felid supplies, it's highly to complete the Ushop training as a shopper and start familiarizing yourself with that system. 

To submit shopping carts for requisitioning and purchase, you will need to specify Thea Hatfield or Jamee Lefler as the requisitioner when submitting your cart for purchase.  For more information on the Ushop process please visit the Ushop website.

ushop marketplace

Pcard Purchase

If Ushop does not work for your purchase, then making the purchase with a Pcard (credit card) is an option. This must be done by a staff member holding a Pcard account, and Thea Hatfield is the designated purchaser for the department.

To request a purchase:

  1. Fill out the purchase request form  as as you can.  If you have questions about the form, you can look at the associated instructions or contact Thea directly.
  2. Send the form to Thea Hatfeild in the GG office.


Non-Travel Reimbursement

If you make a purchase using your personal funds, you can submit a non-travel reimbursement request.  Please be aware that because the University of Utah is a tax exempt institution, tax will not be reimbursed.

Last Updated: 10/20/21