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Earth Science Research Groups


Surface Processes and Paleoclimatology



            Dr. Marjorie Chan- STAR (Sedimentary & Terrestrial Analog Research) Group

            Dr. Paul Jewell- Surface Geology Research Group

            Dr. Gabe Bowen- Spatio-Temporal Isotope Analytics Lab (Spatial)

            Dr. Jeffrey Moore- Geohazards Research Group




 Earth Resources and Exploration


            Dr. Cari Johnson- Sedimentary Basins Research Group           

            Dr. Lauren Birgenheier- Reservoirs Research Group

            Dr. William Johnson- Contaminant Transport Group




 Internal Processes and Dynamics of the Earth


            Dr. Keith Koper- Seismology Research Group

            Dr. Michael Zhdanov -CEMI
                  Consortium for Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion

            Dr. Fan-Chi Lin- Seismic Interferometry & Tomography Research Group

            Dr. Sarah Lambart- MagMaX Laboratory

            Dr. Lowell Miyagi- Rock & Mineral Physics lab


Last Updated: 9/10/20