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Petroleum Industry Career Path

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  • Modular introductory curriculum: 1.5 credit overview courses in petroleum geology, seismic acquisition, processing, and interpretation, well log analysis, and prospect evaluation.
  • Advanced courses: seismic and sequence stratigraphy, basin analysis, advanced depositional systems, basin modeling, wave inversion theory, reservoir modeling, geostatistics, petrophysics, and more.
  • Career seminars and preparation.
  • Focus on skill sets: General geoscience skills, career development, and personal skills (including teamwork, organization and time management, leadership, etc.).
  • Integrated research + teaching; real-world datasets.
  • Encourage industry exposure through interviews, internships, seminars, lectures, field trips, and cooperative research projects.
  • Popular initiative with students from Geology, Geophysics, and Engineering.

See Course Descriptions for PICP courses- <>

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  • Internationally-recognized core strengths in geophysics, geochemistry, structural geology/tectonics, and sedimentary geology
  • Petroleum-related faculty:

§ Lauren Birgenheier – Sedimentology and stratigraphy
§ Ron Bruhn – Structural Geology and tectonics
§ Pier Paolo Bruno – Exploration Seismology
§ Margie Chan – Fluid flow, sedimentary geology
§ Cari Johnson – Basin Analysis, stratigraphy, reservoir modeling
§ Bill Keach (adjunct faculty) – Seismic interpretation and geophysics
§ Lisa Stright – Petroleum engineering, geostatistical modeling
§ Michael Zhdanov – Electromagnetics (Consortium for Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion, CEMI)



  • Recruiting & internships
  • Graduate fellowships
  • Research support
  • Consortia
  • Programmatic grants
  • Visiting lectures, workshops, short courses, field trips
  • Case studies & data sets for teaching


The PICP courses are open to all students who meet the prerequisites. It is not a formal certificate or degree program.

Curriculum advisor: Cari Johnson -

Last Updated: 2/5/21