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Pre-employment & Onboarding

Welcome to our department! Please complete the following items in the timeframe and order listed.

Department Location & Contact Information

During the process below, you will work with the Department HR Representative: Thea Hatfield, (801) 585-6768.

If at any time while working on the items below you find broken link or outdated information, please let Shanna Futral know immediately.



Important Note: It is critical that the start date on your signed offer letter provides enough time for you to complete the below tasks on time. This is because your start date cannot be post-dated within the U of U's human resource system without creating issues that will delay when you will actually be able to start getting paid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Plan on at least 3 months between accepting the job and your start date.

  1. Work with International Student & Scholar Services - The University of Utah.
  2. Apply for a the appropriate VISA. Work with the Department HR Representative.
  3. Complete the DS2019. Work with the Department HR Representative.
  4. Secure a Social Security Number (SSN): As soon as you have been in the USA for 10 days, apply for a SSN. After you have submitted the paperwork, it can take 2 weeks for you to receive your SSN. However, once you recieve your primary confirmation letter, you may bring that to the Office Administrator in 383 FASB and she can apply for you to have a temporary SSN.

  1. Complete our Department Pre-Employment form, which provides demographic information required for your employment file.  Click HERE to access the form.
  2. Email a copy of your updated CV to the Department Administrative Staff
  3. ONLY Academic, Research, & Instructor Faculty: Email a copy of your doctorate degree diploma (or transcripts) to the Department Administrative Staff

After you have completed the Department Pre-Employment form and have a Social Security Number (SSN), contact the Department HR Representative to:

  1. Ask about how to complete the Background Check. This must be done on everyone who will be interacting with undergraduate students in any capacity. 
  2. Schedule to met with them in the Department Administrative Office (383 FASB) to complete your I-9 form. This meeting must take place not less than 3 business days before the start date listed on your signed offer letter.
    • To the meeting with the Department HR Representative, plan to bring the appropriate documentation: I-9EmploymentEligibilityVerification.pdf ( (see page 5; you do NOT need to do anything with this form) AND your Social Security Number (SSN).
    • If it is not possible for you to come in in-person, please contact the Department HR Representative to discuss options AND you will still need to complete the steps listed below.

If your position comes with an office and/or lab space assignment, contact the Research Manager/Space Committee Chair (Wil Mace) to discuss set up and location. (FYI: The Department Administrative Team will put your name on the door name plate after you arrive.)

Staff: After discussing with your supervisor your office technology needs and if anything needs to be ordered, request that they - your supervisor - send in an email to the UIT Help Desk to be connected with the CMES Information Technology about purchasing these items. 

Faculty: Send an email to the UIT Help Desk to request that you be connected with the CMES Information Technology team to start discussions about any office computer and technology purchases you many have as those can take a while to arrive once purchased. In order for the order to be placed, they will need to know what account to charge; work with our Department Accountant to determine which account to use.



Must be done not less than 3 business days before the start date listed on your signed offer letter.

The Department HR Representative will process your employee form (ePAF). They will need the appropriate documentation for the I-9 (I-9EmploymentEligibilityVerification.pdf (, see page 5; you do NOT need to do anything with this form) AND your Social Security Number (SSN).

If you are new to the University of Utah: Once your ePAF has been approved by U of U Human Resources, the Department HR Representative will give you your UNID (University Identification Number). Your UNID will be in this format 0#######, though often the first "0" is dropped and replaced with an "U".

You may skip this step is you have a pre-exisiting UNID. 

After you get your UNID, log in to Campus Information System (CIS). The first time logging in, use your uNID (lowercase "u” replaces first zero of University ID number) as your username and your birth date in one of the following formats for your password: mmddyy or mmdd. 

Then, change your Password: Instructions. You MUST do this before you complete your I-9 form (next step).


  • You can also find CIS by going to In the bottom right side you will see a little red square that says "CIS" in it. Click on it and log in.
  • If you have any problems logging in, please contact the Help Desk at 1-4000x1.

Then, the Department HR Representative will have you complete the IRS I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form. You will need the appropriate documentation for I-9EmploymentEligibilityVerification.pdf (

During the same meeting, the Department HR Representative can confirm ensure all your hiring and payroll set-up paperwork is complete. They will also answer questions regarding benefits and insurance.



Should beccompleted on the date listed on your signed offer letter.

Request keys for office, labs, etc.  It can take a couple weeks for keys to arrive; in the meantime, you may temporarily (long enough to unlock your door and then directly bring the key back) check the master key out from the Department Administrative Office (383 FASB). 

Visit the UCard office in Room 158 of the Student Union Building to get your card. You can find their location and hours here: You will need this card to enter computer labs, make copies, etc. 

To park on campus, you must purchase a parking pass. If you want to park in the garage just west of our building, you will need an "A" parking pass.

We have bike racks outside the building in the area between FASB and WBB. You may also park your bike in your office as long as the tires are clean enough to not leave a dirty mess on the floor.

There are also Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Campus Shuttle stops outside on the northeast corner of the building. The Campus Shuttle is free to ride and all employees and staff (but not Visiting Graduate Students or Scholars) get unlimited passage on UTA.

Campus also has a free SafeRide option. 

Click HERE to access the form.

Prior to starting the form, you will need to know your UNID, office and/or lab room number, and U of U email alias and have a JPEG head shot photo of yourself you can upload.

Note: Once you complete this form, the Administrative Team will add you to the appropriate deptarment email listserv, add you to the website directory, set up your mail slot in 301 FASB, and make a nameplate for your office door.



Complete the U of U Human Resources's (HR) new employee onboarding requirements:

  1. Complete the online orientation that is appropriate for your position. 
  2. Complete (all Campus Employees)the Confidentiality and Information Security Agreement
  3. Complete (only Non-Benefits Eligible Employees and Student Employees) the Employee Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement.

After you have completed the HR online orientation (above), you may enroll in U of U Benefits.

  • Newly eligible employees may enroll during their first 90 days following date of hire – coverage begins on the date of hire.

Also, learn about additional employee benefits and perks.

  • Optional: Enroll in WellU.
  • Learn about EPA (Employee Assistance Program). 

Talk to the Department HR Representative if you have any questions. 

Request building and room access.  

Questions? Contact Will Mace

Set up a meeting with the Department Administrative Manager in the Department Administrative Office (383 FASB) to met the administrative team and to learn about specific arrangements related to mail, supplies, first aid, etc. and to get a quick tour of the breakroom (301) and boardroom (303).

Reference materials:

  • Meet the Department Administration Team (contact information and job duties).
  • Check out our administrative resource website (forms and procedures related to travel, purchasing, building-related services, reserving a room, reserving a dept vehicle, checking out presentation technology, etc.).
  • Various items detailed in the "Useful Information" section below.

In your first few weeks on the job, our Administrative Team will add your contact info the department's website directory, college emergency list, and job-appropriate email listserv. We will also put your name on your office door nameplate and mailslot in 301 FASB. As appropriate, you will also be given access to department administrative and committee Ubox folders. 

Our deptartment uses RedPrint. Our UIT Help Desk can help you with any issues you have.  You may use the printer in 301 and in the hallway near room 440.

  1. While in the main department office, confirm that you are able to log into the copier/printer in 301 FASB. (Note: There is also a printer on the 4th floor in the north hallway near the open study area.)
  2. And, if applicable, request that the Department Accountant have you added to the correct subgroup: GG Dept (all faculty, post docs, and tech and admin staff), GG Courses (TAs and all faculty), and/or GG Lab (specific lab staff).
  3. If you need to print from a non-university computer, you can download drivers from U of U Managed Print Services.

Set up meeting with our Information Technology team for computer configuration, admin rights (if applicable), network access and submitting tickets for IT support. To do so, send an email to the UIT Help Desk and request a meeting with the CMES UIT team.  

Also, please note that our IT team works very hard to provide quality service in a timely fashion. Sometimes they are unable to do what is requested due to policies they must abide. Also, sometimes they cannot meet things in the timeframe you would prefer due to them having to juggle the needs of all employees in the FASB and WBB buildings. Thus, please do not delay in putting in a service ticket. And please be kind the our team members!

Review and comply with the IT Onboard Checklist. You may want to go over this when you meet with the UIT team. 

  • Watch video training about Using DUO Factor Authentication
  • Check out UIT's job-specific onboarding guides.
  • If you are going to be using a laptop, tablet, etc. or accessories that are purchased with university's funds AND that you think you might at some time take off campus grounds, it would be good right from the start (now) to submit the “Off Campus Permission” Form.
    • Non-faculty employees, please secure the signature of your supervisor. Faculty, the Department Manager will secure the Department Chair's signature for you.
    • Once you have completed the form (minus Department Chair's signature), save it with your first initial, last name, and year in the filename (example: OffCampusForm_LSmith2022) and upload it here.

Review and complete the CMES New Employee Checklist. It can be helpful to work on this with your supervisor. Note: The other items listed on this Department Onboarding webpage provides details that support these documents plus additional onboarding specific to our department.

Faculty: Record your time off (sick, personal preference, and consulting time) by using the campus-wide "Faculty Time Assistant" in CIS. 

Post Docs: You are responsible for tracking your own hours. Discuss specifics with your hosting faculty member.

All Other Employees: Complete KRONOS Time Keeping Training. Then log into KRONOS - The University of Utah to make sure are all set up.


  • Familiarize yourself with the Payroll Schedule.
  • Talk to the Department HR Representative if you have any questions. 

By default, new employees are not issued a university phone number. If you feel you need one, discuss it with your supervisor (as they will need to decide which account to charge) and then email the Department HR Representative with the account number and room number.

Once you have your phone number (or if you moved into an office that already had a landline), please update your voicemail. To do this, call your landline number from your landline phone and follow the instructions. If you have any issues, contact

Log in to Campus Information System (CIS). Once in CIS, complete the following:

  1. Update Personal Bio/Demo Information: In the CIS "search" bar, type in "Change Bio/Demo Info".
    1. Create an Email Alias: The U of U recommends that you set up an email alias (instructions). Your UMail alias(es) is the personalized form of your default UMail address ( Valid aliases are based on your name and should be in the format Middle names, initials, or nickname.lastname are also acceptable. (For example: j.doe@ or John.R.Doe@). 
    2. Designate Primary Email: Also it is recommended that you go into CIS > Umail Settings > Mailbox Settings and make sure that your primary email address is your alias email as it is the email address that will be published in the University campus directory.
    3. Create a Single Inbox: Within CIS you can also have all your different inboxes forwarded into a single inbox. If you need assistance, contact the UIT Help Desk. This website will also provide U of U students, faculty, and staff with lists of some of the many digital resources you may need.
    4. Update other personal information:
      • Office phone numbe: Use your mobile number or the Dept main number 801-581-7062). This number will be published in the University campus directory. 
      • Also consider updating your information under: Ethnic Groups, Veteran Status, and Disability Status.
  2. Set up Campus Alert Notifications: In the CIS "search" bar, type in "Campus Alert". Then update your campus notification preferences.



Set up meeting with Research Manager, Wil Mace, to review safety protocols, field equipment, emergency procedures, lab set-up, etc.

  1. Sign up for Campus Alerts.
  2. Download the Heads Up app.
  3. Review the U of U Emergency Response Guides.
    • In case of a building evacuation, we are assigned to EAP #2, which is located east of our building and north of the Student Union . 

Familiarize yourself with our department website, specifically our administrative resource website, which contains details on various procedures and related forms. From the Administrative Office (383 FASB), you can pick up a business card with a copy of the QR Code for quick access to the resource website. 

From the deparment resource website, you can also link to the department intranet, which is behind DUO. You may also access it via t the department website, then click on the upper righthand dropdown menu, then under "Department Intranet". 

CMES also has a intranet (behind DUO). You may also access it via the CMES website, then click on the upper righthand dropdown menu, then under "About".  (Note: Only academic and careerline faculty and full-time techincal and administrative staff are given access to the college intranet. The Department Manager will request access for you and it should be in effect by the end of your first week.)

Payroll and reimbursement checks will be mailed to the address on file in CIS unless you set up direct deposit. Direct deposit must be set up separately for Payroll and Accounts Payable.

  1. Set up Payroll direct deposit. In CIS, search for "Direct Deposit" to "add an account". (There are instructions provide within CIS.)
  2. Then, set up Accounts Payable direct deposit, complete Employee-DD-AuthForm. Then bring the completed paperwork to Thea Hatfield in 383 FASB.

Learn about the U's Office of Equal Opportunity  (OEO) (5 minutes). 

Complete Addressing Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct training.

Complete Responding to Student Disclosures of Discrimination - YouTube training (8 minutes) 

Complete the Mandatory Reporting for Responsible Employees training (10 minutes). 

If you have a questions, contact the OEO/AA/Title IX at 801-581-8365,, or visit or

 If you have any issues linking to the training, go to My Learning - Bridge ( and search for the training.

General: Our Department does not have a formal dress code for day-to-day business in offices and classrooms. Please exercise common sense in selecting clothing and footwear appropriate for an academic / office environment. Most employees wear "nice casual" to "business casual". 
Laboratories: Please adhere to U of U Office of Environmental Health & Safety guidelines and discuss specifics with the supervisor(s) of the laboratory(ies) you work in and the department safety lead. In general, OEHS requires those in laboratories to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including a laboratory apron or coat at all times and appropriate eye protection and gloves in areas where laboratory chemicals are used or stored. Refer to for more information. 
Fieldwork: Appropriate dress code for field research varies on the specific environment and nature of the research. Please discuss specifics with those supervising you in the field and with the department safety lead. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Survey Manual (SM) of Occupational Safety and Health Program Requirements is a helpful resource. 

If you will need to use deptartment vehicles: Complete the State of Utah Driver Certification training.

If you will be doing any U of U related travel: Complete Concur travel training. Then, schedule a meeting with the Department Travel Facilitator in 383 FASB to set up your account. 

If you will be working with sensitive student data: Complete the online FERPA review training. It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. 

Go to My Learning - Bridge (, under "Learn" (upper lefthand corner) search and complete the "Active Shooter Preparedness" training. It is just a few minutes long.  It is less than 10 minutes long.

If you have any issues linking to the training, go to My Learning - Bridge ( and search for the training.

Talk to your supervisor or Deptartment Administrative Staff about any job-specific trainings you may need to take.

Please be kind and respectful to the custodial team. If you have any concerns, please let the Department Administrative Manager know. 

Please collapse all cardboard and take it to the designated recycling acloves near rooms 122, 200, 300, and 444.

FYI: Below is the custodial service schedule. 

Daily Activities

  • Classrooms – trash removal, vacuuming, desks are cleaned and chairs straightened.
  • Restrooms - toilets, sinks, floors, mirrors are cleaned and toilet paper, paper dispensers and 
    feminine hygiene products get restocked.
  • Public areas - hallways vacuumed, mopped or scrubbed (whatever the floor requires). Any spot 
    cleaning required on the floor will be considered a special project.
  • Entrances - vacuumed mats, glass cleaned daily (dead glass on opposite sides of the doors is 
    cleaned weekly).
  • Public stairwells – vacuuming and mopping daily and dusting once per week.
  • Elevators - vacuuming and mopping daily and dusting once per week.

Twice Weekly Activities

  • Department Offices – trash removal twice per week, vacuuming, mopping and dusting once per 
    week. Custodial staff will not dust personal desk spaces. If dusting is required in personal office
    spaces, please submit a work order which will be followed up by the custodial staff.
  • Labs - trash removal twice per week, vacuuming, mopping and dusting once per week. However, for various reasons, many lab do not recieve custodial service. Talk to the lab supervisor if you have questions.

Weekly Activities

  • Individual Offices – full clean once per week, trash removal twice per week. Monthly Activities
  • Emergency stairwells – vacuuming, dusting and mopping

Read over the section below containing various other bits of useful information. 

Last Updated: 3/9/23